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C19 & EcoEthos

Covid Conditions

DISCLAIMER: The following advice is based on researched guidelines and is not exhaustive. Guests make decisions about, undertake journeys to and take holidays in Number Eleven at their own risk.

  • Only my wife and I are now allowed into the cottage, with exception of tradespeople. Since I closed at the end of March, the only people that have come over the threshold are the 2 of us, a chimney sweep and a carpet cleaner up to and including 4th July 2020.
  • The cottage is left for at least 72 hours between guests, so same day changeovers will not be occurring for the foreseeable future.
  • After this 2-3 day period, if there is another booking e.g. you; I turnover the cottage as usual and clean down all the usual hard surfaces first with a or detergent solution to clean. I then use disinfectant or anti-bacterial solution to break down the virus.
  • Please excuse any streaks on hard surfaces such as glass. Part of my cleaning methods involve spraying disinfectant on some surfaces and not rubbing them down.
  • All bedding, towels, flannels and cloths are replaced and washed, even if unused. Whilst dealing with linen, I wear a mask, gloves and apron. The linen is gently removed and placed into a linen basket lined with a clean sheet, placed in the washing machine and washed at 60 deg.
  • Extra attention is paid to highly trafficked areas such as light switches, door/cupboard handles, kitchen equipment, handrails, hand operated equipment, windows, refuse bins.
  • Treat the cottage as you would normally a self-catering establishment but with a few tweaks-
  • Hand sanitiser solution or wipes will be at the front door (and in the cottage) and entry is now always via self-check-in using the key safe. I may come out to greet you if I am around and say hello, but I will keep to 2 metres or chat to you over the fence. It always feels a little awkward, but I am gradually getting used to this distanced hospitality! Make use of text messaging/ email/calls if you would rather not make any contact. I won’t be offended!
  • Throughout the cottage you will find hand sanitiser and the usual liquid soap acting as a detergent. Good practice is to use your elbow on the pump rather than your hand. Easier said than done, however!
  • Please bring sanitiser or other self-protecting equipment with you to protect you and clean as you go if you feel safer. However, I don’t want you to feel as if you’re doing my job for me!
  • Please where possible remove shoes and leave them in the porch whenever possible. There are slippers for your convenience.
  • There is a box for items you might pick up such as books, DVDs etc. Please leave them in there unless you have cleaned them with a wipe, etc already.
  • If I am required to come into the cottage during your stay, e.g. to mend or operate some equipment such as the heating, the ideal scenario is for me to do this when you are out. If this is not possible, then I will enter with a face covering and disposable gloves. Don’t forget this protects all of us!
  • I am doing my best to supply hand sanitiser and wipes, but I don’t have access to wholesale supplies so please take care with these products.
  • The present conditions also mean that I cannot supply the home-made or loose purchased edible treats that I would normally provide. Some of the soft furnishings are also absent.
  • Our outdoor infra-red sauna is as always for your use. Please read all instructions provided and go to the manufacturer’s website to see possible health benefits, especially at present!
  • The toys are having a holiday but are on-call in case of need. Please let me know if you are bringing children with you and I’ll leave out a selection.
  • https://www.infraredsauna.co.uk/health-benefits/infrared-sauna-health-benefits
  • Outdoors; Great Gransden is a small village of around 800 people and is a caring community and my home. Please observe social distancing around the village.
  • Number Eleven has a small, lovely sun trap garden located at the back of the cottage between us and our next-door neighbours. All that I ask is that social distancing is observed even though there is a surrounding fence. Keep a small distance from the fence if you hear someone on the other side and observe the usual outdoor social protocols.
  • Finally, have some fun and relax!


  • The milk is sold by Bal at Gransden Stores around the corner.
  • Soap is by St Neots Natural Soap Company, 6 miles away.
  • There are fresh herbs available in the garden.
  • The logs for the fire are responsibly sourced within the village, and the ‘coal’ is made from 50% Welsh coal and 50% plant materials, reducing C02 emissions
  • Toiletries are not disposable travel sized items and are refilled after use.
  • Almost all the cleaning products, detergent and washing up liquid I use and supply are bio-degradable.
  • All bin bags are bio-degradable; directions for recycling (all packaging is recycled in Huntingdonshire) and food waste are clear.
  • Electricity is provided by Bulb and is from 100% renewable sources.
  • When the sun’s out, the sauna is solar powered!

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