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Ditch the Digital! Dig out the Mix Tape!

Your iPod’s packed in and your phone shows no respect. Stick it in a drawer while it contemplates its miserable existence and stick a tape on.

For the uninitiated, those who’ve forgotten and anyone under 30; the selection of black boxes on the shelves to the right of the TV is known as a High Fidelity Components Audio System and much fun is to be had therein. A great selection of tapes is provided, mainly from c 1984-1999. Revel at the Pioneer motorised remote volume control! Be dazzled by the Technics LED peak level meter and be comforted in the warmth that is a TDK AR90.

Seriously though, there’s more connectivity here than you know what to do with so if all of the above baffles you, use the leads provided to plug in your phone or connect to the Harmon Kardon speaker in the kitchen wirelessly by Bluetooth. There’s also 2 more Bluetooth speaker upstairs.








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